I love that fraction of a moment when a narrative shatters and an entaglement of possibilities shines through

It is then the world is open

Magdalena Lorenz

fiddling thinking playing writing ar0und

    > improvisation

    relaxing into the intimacy
    with the present moment
    Kostprobe: requiem

    > background

    my educational background in music is the European classical music - always in dialogue and ambivalence

    > space

    how to create spaces that are not touched by the logic of consumption? Space that is inviting to all sorts of fellow beings?

    > film

    gaze is power
    Kostprobe: end:licht

    > narration

    the way we structure world into a coherent fabric.
    Invisible when unquestioned and potentially destructive in the eternal repetition of patriachal, racist and anthropocentric (...) narratives.
    So let's make them visible, brake them cut them invent new ones:
    this time more colourful

    > anger, grief

    detector, compass and ever-growing source of energy. nice input: Chameli Ardagh