Magdalena Lorenz

Vita W

When a narrative shatters, doors open, the ground is pulled away, the ceiling lifts off: crumbling narratives about the world that is so-and-so, music that has to sound this way, and me that is like that; best described with three words. Only in the disruption becomes visible what lies beyond, inbetween, behind. Something that is unpredictable, not chaotic, colourful, deep, not to be grasped by thought. Music can try to touch it.
// Violin: University of Music and Dance, Cologne  
// Cultural Studies: Humboldt University, Berlin
// Tonali Stage Academy, Hamburg
// Topics: Power, Space, Dying

Mythologica 5 by Tri:utopie // Felix Festival Kölner Philharmonie MOMO - deep listening. Concert Performance // TONALi
Tri:utopie is Prizewinner of HUGO Competition // Montforter Zwischentöne
Wolkentraum - a utopian festival interdisciplinary art and social institutions. Concept and realization together with 10 students.
Kora. Konzert einer Koralle. Concert Performance with students. Ableton live, texts, J.S. Bach and Video. // TONALi
Echo chamber of solitude. Audio installation in a bunker, movement, improvisation, video  // BOA Aachen

Humboldt Universität, Berlin
Stage academy TONALi,
Hamburg Hochschule für Musik und Tanz, Cologne

Learning with
Myself, Daniel Austrich, Daniel Rowland, Gilles Apap, Adelina Oprean (classical), Frank Gratkowski, Paulo Álvares (improvising), Richard Gwilt (baroque), ...

Magdalena Lorenz